A sneek peak at coming attractions…

The museum is gearing up for new and exciting events coming very soon! We say goodbye to the “Is It Fresh?” truck farming exhibit next month but the vacated space will house THREE NEW EXHIBITS starting in December.  I don’t want to give too much away too early (after all, it wouldn’t be a sneak peek if I did) but I can say that these events are going to be big!

The first will be the annual painting exhibit. We can’t wait to see what the park district’s class dreams up this year. Even though the opening event will be on a Bears game day, rumor has it that Whole Foods may cater the opening to tempt sports lovers out of the house.

The second exhibit goes up shortly after. All I will hint at for now is that we have never done anything like this before, it involves a live theater production collaboration, and it has the potential to be a neat unique experience.

Last but not least, we are planning an exhibit in collaboration with the Chicago Wood Turners Club, a local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners.  It will look at the evolution of wood as a functional building material to art. It will also feature pieces made by the Chicago Wood Turners Club and perhaps wood turning demonstrations.

Is your interest sufficiently piqued? Stay tuned!

The Truck Farming Exhibit

See what it was like to sell vegetables in Buffalo Grove in the early 1900’s, or take a stroll through the market and look at all the vegetables and flowers the market exhibit has to offer.Whether you wish to walk around our newly constructed truck farming exhibit, spend some time expanding your knowledge of Buffalo Grove’s history, or just want to get out of the house on a lazy summer day, bring your friends and family and visit the  Raupp Museum!

Is it fresh? Why yes, it is!

The new truck farming exhibit: “Is It Fresh?” is now completed and awaiting your viewing pleasure! Explore what it was like to be a farmer in Buffalo Grove in the 1920s and 1930s. Pick vegetables and sell them from the roadside stand or follow the journey of cut flowers from the greenhouse to homes and businesses. The exhibit will be up through November.

Exhibit Update

It doesn’t look like much yet, but we are steadily building the Buffalo Grove truck farming exhibit. We started off on the right foot with the gorgeous vegetable roadside stand that Dick Stone and his grandson constructed. It was the first piece to be installed in the space and we couldn’t be more pleased with it.

Our first big victory came a week ago in getting the stubborn temporary walls upright (and without incident). Since then, our clever student volunteers have started laying flooring and wallpaper for the kitchen and hotel lobby display.
Lately, we are most proud of how the greenhouse corner is taking shape. Many thanks go out to Debbie’s father for bringing us such nice little oak trees for that area. Although there’s much work yet to be done, we remain optimistic about the exhibit and its potential awesomeness.

Coming soon to a theatre near you

We have been unusually busy this month with exhibits to install and lots of traffic through the doors. It is hard to believe the end of the year is right around the corner. However, we are excited that December and January will usher in two major upcoming exhibits; one featuring local paintings and one about the history of truck farming in Buffalo Grove.

The annual painting exhibit debuts December 1st. It highlights the work of the BG Park District’s adult painting class. All week, people have been dropping off their work for the show and I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and range of subjects. Showcasing the work of local talent and bringing a community together is definitely one of my favorite parts about working in museums.

Finally, we begin work on the truck farming exhibit in January and we are super jazzed about this one. It is not only going to discuss the history but also tie in green living. We are even trying to figure out how to get an old truck into the space. Stay tuned…