Keeping in Touch

The Raupp Museum has preserved the stories of many of our residents over the past 150 years. Josephine Hoenner Welter was one of those residents. Josephine and her sister, Anna, frequently kept in touch via mail. They updated each other on special events, the newest fashions, and their day-to-day activities. Josephine lived in Buffalo GroveContinue reading “Keeping in Touch”

Celebrating the ordinary: artifact spotlight #11

It’s not nice to envy other museums’ artifacts (or conservation labs or cafes) but lately I’ve been a green-eyed, collections management monster. The phrase: “Everybody has cool stuff but us” has definitely been running through my brain…but that’s not really fair or accurate. When I actually stopped to consider it, I changed my mind completely.Continue reading “Celebrating the ordinary: artifact spotlight #11”