Protecting the prairie one lemon bar at a time

We’ve been especially busy at the museum in the last couple of weeks with events for the new temporary “Lost Prairie” exhibit.  It’s hard work to eat lemon bars and have pleasant conversations with environmentalists, but somebody’s got to do it. Tuesday (5/2) was a particularly significant standout night. First, we were pleased to hostContinue reading “Protecting the prairie one lemon bar at a time”

Re-acquainting with the Buffalo Grove Prairie

Have you found Buffalo Grove’s ‘Lost’ Prairie? In the early 1970s, teenage Steve Apfelbaum did just that, and began a quest to conserve the Buffalo Grove Prairie, a ten-acre area located between Deerfield and Lake Cook Roads. Remarkably, thirty years later, this prairie is still thriving, maintained and protected by a group of tenacious guardians.Continue reading “Re-acquainting with the Buffalo Grove Prairie”

“The Lost Prairie” found!

Did you know that over 22 million acres or 59% of the entire state of Illinois used to be prairie land? That’s why Illinois is known as “the Prairie State.”  Today, only 2000 acres remain, but 10 of those acres are located right here in Buffalo Grove. It was discovered in the 1970s by aContinue reading ““The Lost Prairie” found!”