Presidents’ Day at the Museum



Did you know President Ford once visited Buffalo Grove? On March 12, 1976 he attended and spoke at a presidential campaign rally at Buffalo Grove High School. President Ford narrowly defeated Ronald Regan that year for the Republican nomination but of course, lost the general election to Jimmy Carter. The Ford Presidential Library and Museum has a copy of his schedule for the day he visited Buffalo Grove. It’s interesting to see what a day on the campaign trail looked like. Check it out at:

To find out more about Ford’s visit to Buffalo Grove, stop by the main gallery at the Raupp Museum.  While you’re here, join Rufus in celebrating Presidents’ Day at the museum by making a (free, human-sized) Lincoln inspired stovepipe hat on Monday 2/20 from 1-3.30.


Free Program: Make a Stovetop Hat!


Free Program: Make a Stovetop Hat!

Looking for something to do on Monday? Come be as trendy as Rufus and make a (human-sized) stovepipe hat from 1p-3p at the museum. Can’t wait to see you there!