Mixing up artifact spotlight #8

1956 Sunbeam Mixmaster

Receiving a stand mixer for a wedding present feels like a culinary and domestic rite of passage. My love affair with my KitchenAid has blossomed into a very special relationship over the last year. We’ve already made pasta dough, birthday cakes, cookies, bread, and two cheesecakes together. My mixer never mocks my failed culinary experiments, doesn’t mind that I talk to it on occasion, and never ever brings up the fact that one of us has gotten very fat since the start of our partnership. Obviously, I will need grief counseling when the motor dies.

Pat Kiddle also received a stand mixer as a wedding present in 1956. This Sunbeam Mixmaster was in constant use in her kitchen until 2006!  When it died, she donated it to the Raupp Museum. The mixer proudly lives on display in the main gallery.

Ever since its introduction in 1930, the stand mixer has been one of the most popular appliances Sunbeam offers. Famous designer, Raymond Loewy (who would go on to design the Greyhound bus and the Shell gasoline logo), originally worked on the mixer. Indeed, the Mixmaster’s logo and style has changed only slightly over the past 75 years. After all, why mess with perfection? Now, who wants cake?