Girls Scouts

Pricing- All scout programs are $5 per girl except for the Laura Ingalls Wilder badge ($10). Call (847) 850-2135 or email Debbie Fandrei at to schedule your troop.

Daisy Girl Scouts

Sunflower Petal (Friendly and Helpful)– Scouts tour the museum and try hands-on activities as they learn how girls have been friendly and helpful through history, then discuss how they can be friendly and helpful today.

Money Counts Leaf- Girls will learn money skills the fun way as they go shopping the way that farmers did 100 years ago. First they’ll earn money, then make a shopping list, and finally spend their money at the General Store.

Brownie Girl Scouts

Bugs – Girls will learn about bugs in Buffalo Grove, go on a bug-finding walk, and create their own cool bug art.

Painting- Your troop will explore their creative side as they get inspired by an art exhibit, then try painting a still life, painting a mood, and painting without brushes. Please note: this program is only available in the month of December.

Celebrating Community-  This new program combines two former programs into one super good time. Girls will learn about what makes Buffalo Grove special, about local landmarks, discover the symbols in the town flag and the US flag, and make a felt flag to take home. Please note: this program takes place outdoors.

Inventor- Girls practice problem solving as they learn about old-fashioned inventions, identify new problems, and brainstorm create ways to solve them.

Junior Girl Scouts

Detective– This exciting new patch combines science and history as Scouts work to solve a murder mystery, which occurred over 100 years ago. Participants will learn about fingerprints, examine bullets, and even extract DNA from a strawberry.

Geocacher- Take your troop on a treasure hunt! Girls will learn what geocaching is, how to work a GPS and how to prepare for a trip. Then, they will try geocaching on the Museum’s grounds and make a trade item to take home. Please note: This program is available September, October, April, May and June and is weather dependent.

Animal Habitats– Girls will learn all about the animal habitats provided by local parks, as they find out about local wildlife, look at 3 different habitats, and experiment with insulating a nest. Please note: This program takes place at the Nature Classroom in Mike Rylko Community Park. Available in September, October, April and May ONLY.

Laura Ingalls Wilder Patch – This exciting program lets girls learn about like on a covered wagon, bake bread from scratch, and hand-sew their own apron, while enjoying one of the all-time classics of children’s literature. Please Note: January through May ONLY

Cadette Girl Scouts

Trees – Girls will learn about trees – identification, forest management, native trees and invasive species. Please note: This program takes place outdoors.

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