Get Involved

Sometimes volunteers build chalk boards…

Volunteering or interning at the Raupp Museum provides an array of flexible opportunities to use your talents to get connected to local history. Applicants with museum experience or enrolled in museum or library courses preferred. Interning for educational credit is possible.  Opportunities include:

Collections- This is your chance to work with artifacts. Assist the museum by documenting and caring for objects in the collection.

Programs – Share your passion for history. Volunteer to help with our educational programs for schools, camps, and scout troops.

Photo Digitization ‒ Be a history detective. Help scan and identify subjects in the photo collection.

Exhibit installation ‒ Put your creative skills to use. Assist with painting, building, and preparing temporary exhibits.

…and sometimes they build tents for special programs.

Multimedia – Have experience with  technical development, human-computer interaction design, or other computery stuff? We want you! Applicants must be largely self-directed.

Marketing- Help with museum promotion, messaging, and integrated marketing. The intern will work with  staff to develop and execute marketing strategies.

Special Projects ‒ Go behind the scenes and help us prepare for special events and upcoming programs.

To find out how to become a volunteer or intern, please contact Debbie Fandrei, Museum Director at (847) 459-2318 or

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