“The Lost Prairie” found!

Did you know that over 22 million acres or 59% of the entire state of Illinois used to be prairie land? That’s why Illinois is known as “the Prairie State.”  Today, only 2000 acres remain, but 10 of those acres are located right here in Buffalo Grove. It was discovered in the 1970s by a teenage Steve Apfelbaum and inspired him to become an ecologist.

Follow his story and learn about Buffalo Grove’s prairie in the new museum exhibit, “The Lost Prairie.”  Visitors can also discover why we should care about the land and what people are doing to protect it.  The exhibit runs April 1 through June 30 in the main gallery.

…but wait, there’s more! The museum wants to show off the shiny new exhibit at a party on April 24 from 7-9 PM. Everyone is welcome to come to this free event. Light refreshments will be served.

… but wait, there’s still more! In conjunction with the exhibit and the party, Steve Apfelbaum will also be giving a talk on May 2 from 7-8 PM about prairies, conservation work and how to get involved. This event is also free and everyone is encouraged to attend. Don’t miss out!

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