Mixing up artifact spotlight #8

Receiving a stand mixer for a wedding present feels like a culinary and domestic rite of passage. My love affair with my KitchenAid has blossomed into a very special relationship over the last year. We’ve already made pasta dough, birthday cakes, cookies, bread, and two cheesecakes together. My mixer never mocks my failed culinary experiments,Continue reading “Mixing up artifact spotlight #8”

The Dining Room

The museum is once again pleased to be collaborating with the Park District’s performing arts group, Big Deal Productions. This year’s theater production is A.R. Gurney’s Pulitzer nominated comedy, The Dining Room. The play centers around a single antique dining room furniture set and follows the lives of the families that own it over aContinue reading “The Dining Room”

Where the buffalo roam

“Were there ever buffalo in Buffalo Grove?” This is one of the most commonly asked questions here at the museum. The short answer is definitely, possibly maybe. Buffalo Grove was originally named for the grove of trees which stood near Buffalo Creek, very near the current intersection of Buffalo Grove Road and Lake-Cook Road. TheContinue reading “Where the buffalo roam”

“The Lost Prairie” found!

Did you know that over 22 million acres or 59% of the entire state of Illinois used to be prairie land? That’s why Illinois is known as “the Prairie State.”  Today, only 2000 acres remain, but 10 of those acres are located right here in Buffalo Grove. It was discovered in the 1970s by aContinue reading ““The Lost Prairie” found!”