Program Spotlight: Girl Scout Geocacher

Here at the Raupp Museum, we have a strong affection for all things Girl Scout. We love seeing the enthusiastic faces that grace our galleries, and avidly watch for that magical time of the year when Thin Mints and Samoas appear. In honor of Girl Scout week, we are highlighting our Girl Scout programs.

As the weather turns warm and the daffodils begin to appear, consider checking out one of our newest Girl Scout programs, the Geocacher program.  Geocaching is your chance to be a global explorer and detective. Girls will search for ‘caches’ or treasures using GPS receivers. Scouts will learn what geocaching is, how to work a GPS, how to locate a geocache, how to construct and hide a geocache, and the ethics of geocaching. The program is available for Junior girl scouts and is $5 per girl (badge included). Special geocaching coins are available at the museum for $9.

To schedule a program for your troop, call the Raupp Museum at (847) 459-2318. For more information, please visit our Girl Scout programs page.

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