Introducing new scout programs

With the start of a new school year, the museum is unveiling new Boy and Girl Scout programs. The museum still offers retired Brownie Try-Its and our old programs can be tailored to meet new Girl Scout badge requirements. Descriptions of our other regularly offered badges can be found here.  As always, please call the museum at 847.459.2318 with questions or to schedule a program.

Civil War Drummer Patch
For both Girl and Boy Scouts:
This is a limited edition patch. Scouts will learn about the role of children in the Civil War, try on a uniform, bake hardtack, learn about Lake County’s own drummer boy hero, and make a Civil War style drum to take home. The $6 fee per Scout includes the patch.
For Boy Scouts:
Scouts learn about archaeology: what and where sites are located, local archaeology and artifacts, and how people lived thousands of years ago. Scouts will also learn flintknapping, and how to make their own stone tools. The $5 fee per Scout covers material costs.

For both Girl and Boy Scouts:
Scouts will learn what geocaching is, how to work a GPS, how to locate a geocache, how to construct and hide a geocache, and the ethics of geocaching. Special limited edition geocaching coins are available for $9.

100 Years Of Girl Scouts Fun Patch
For Girl Scouts:
Scouts can earn this limited edition patch by learning what life was like 100 years ago. Girls will play a game, cook food, do a chore, and make an autograph album to take home. $6 fee per Scout includes the patch.

One thought on “Introducing new scout programs

  1. Is the Civil War Drummer Patch one that
    the boys can wear on their shah? Dose your program complete their req for Geocaching?? Do you have a BSA Geocaching advisor that signs off on their blue cards??
    Thank You
    Tonya Sakal

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