Geocaching at the museum

The museum geocache series has gone live! Now, you might be wondering, “what is geocaching?”  Basically, it’s hide and seek treasure hunting using a GPS enabled device. People hide containers called geocaches outside anywhere in the world and post the GPS coordinates of the geocaches for others to find online.  Part of the fun is that a geocache can be any size or type of waterproof container in a hidden location at the coordinates.

This series leads hunters around town highlighting local history. Limited edition souvenir “geocoins” are available at the museum to mark participation in the adventure for a $9 donation (trust me, they are worth every penny). Coordinates are posted at and can be searched by zip code 60089 or by clicking on the links below.

Some Land For A Farm, Worth More For A Busch!

If you are interested in geocaching but still not sure how to get started, the museum is offering a short class on June11 from 10.30-11.30. This is a free class for beginners, but you must register in advance by calling the museum at 847.459.2318.

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