Raupp barn on tv!

The Raupp barn photographs from the museum’s permanent collection and an American flag painted by Marie Roth on wood salvaged from the Hans Raupp barn will be featured on the Channel 7 News in May.

When the Hans Raupp barn was scheduled to be demolished by the forest system, Hans and Leroy removed as much wood from the old barn as the could tote off.  Marie became connected with the Raupp brothers through choir at St. Mary’s Church with Leroy’s wife, Marge. Knowing of Marie’s interest painting flags on old barn material, Leroy brought her some of Hans’ wood. Much of that wood became medium for flags eventually sold to the Museum of American Folk Art in New York. Marie’s work is unique in that all of her flags accurately depict past authentic American flags.

The news segment with Marie will be aired on May 27 at 11 AM on channel 7.

On a semi-unrelated note, Marie shared a story with me that I thought was great and just couldn’t keep to myself. “Marge and her sister were from Minnesota but they came down Buffalo Grove to go to a dance at the Buffalo House (now, of course, Lou Malnotti’s) because they heard the Raupp boys were quite the catch.  They were reputed to be both handsome and great dancers.  For Marge and Leroy it was love at first sight, but if I remember correctly, Hans never married.”