New museum adventures

Do you enjoy adventures and history?  So does the museum. We are pleased to offer not one, but two new geocaching hunts starting this spring.

Now, you might be wondering, “well, what is geocaching?”  Basically, it’s hide and seek treasure hunting using your GPS enabled device. People hide containers called geocaches outside anywhere in the world and post the GPS coordinates of the geocaches for others to find.  Part of the fun is that a geocache can be any size or type of waterproof container in a hidden location at the coordinates.
The museum’s first adventure explores a series of historic sites around Buffalo Grove and the surrounding communities.  While there are no physical geocaches to find for this one, a “travel bug” and limited edition souvenir “geocoins” will be available at the museum to mark participation in the adventure. The second search will take hunters through the parks in Buffalo Grove to find geocaches that reveal the location of a special museum lawn gnome.  The museum’s geocache coordinates will be posted on the website and on Facebook in early April.

If you are interested in geocaching but not sure how to get started, the museum will soon offer a short class. We are also developing a Boy Scouts geocaching badge program. More details on these to come. Stay tuned.

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